A World of Two

The statistics do lie. I don’t live in a world of billions of my kind, of the same division, of the same being. There may be other species sharing this planet with me, but it’s for me and only me.

That is why the juicy treasures of this place, which this universe out of her unparallel benevolence has bequeathed me, is mine and only mine.
I shall take of it as much as my soul desires. I shall pillage it so much that my tenth generation would not recover from it.
After all, it’s no commonwealth, it’s persona-wealth. I and only I dwell in this harbor. It’s just right that its treasures should be mine.

They lie when they talk about poverty. 70% living under a dollar per day? Where did they get that from? I and only I live here! Millions of malnourished children. Millions of displaced persons. Thousands of terror driven deaths. Millions of homeless fellows. Million upon millions of hunger stricken faces. Tens and tens of war and violence and disasters ushering in misery to millions.
Hey! Stop there. Those are the fabrications of B-citizens. It’s a product of their imagination. No where in this universe where I and only I live does anything like that happen.

Or perhaps, you refer to the C-citizens? Oh! Those ones? They are not part of this universe. They are the expendables. They just make up the space. They don’t matter. Should one die today, another would be born. So why are you mourning that they are dying? You could as well rejoice that new ones will be born. But that again is even a problem.

You see the C-citizens? They are worth nothing beyond the gathering task for which they are employed. So, they may die once they’ve gathered enough wealth for I and only I. and die they must. Else they’ll fill every space left here living none for fresh air. Their numbers have already gone haywire sef. And that is why the B-citizens here pilled up those statistics. But really, when they die often, we get good and healthier breathing space.

As for the B-citizens, they are rumor mongers, liars and miserable fellows. They suffer delusions a lot of the time. This harbor in which I and only I lives is plentiful in treasures. Yes, there is abundance of treasures of all kind here and there which the C-citizens must gather for I and only I while their miserable lives persist. But they lie and suffer delusions when they say that there is enough for all. How can there be enough for all? Do you know the number of B-citizens and C-citizens there be? If the treasures were shared among all, will my belly be fill? Never! They were never meant for all. And I’ll never let it be. These treasures are for me and only me.

All other idea is a lie. This is a universe of two, a harbor of two. I and only I live here. Every other person or thing count for nothing!


This post was first published in 2016.

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