Life is made so beautiful by clusters of angels – the real friends and families.

Who drop by every time to sow seeds of faith and hope.
They step in to halt your sliding; and remind you of yourself – who you truly are on the inside.

They pat you on the back – and reaffirm to you your true essence.
These angels are life savers but so often they are not even aware of it.

They heal with their kind words and revive with their kindness.

“Don’t worry! It’ll soon be over” they’ll say.

“It may be tough right now but I know you will get through this”

“I believe in you. I always do”

“Don’t you there dare give up on the champion in you”

“You are better than that”

“Yes you can do it”

These assurances are far weightier than silver and gold
More precious than diamonds and costly stones.

Yet they lavish it so generously.

How often have they lifted a weary spirit – and mend a broken heart.
How so often have they lifted up and cause to stand again.

Life becomes more beautiful because these angels are so beautiful.

To every angel who ever crossed my path: I say this from deep down: THANK YOU!!!

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