Announcing The Birth of Citizen Movement

Dear Friends and Comrades,

Some years ago precisely in October 2013, I launched Naijacare, on Facebook as a platform for like minds to connect. My motivation was simple. Given the hate and discord that was spreading like fire, in a politically charged atmosphere ridden by the bigotry of ethnicity and religion, I reasoned that we needed to expend some efforts to preserve sanity. I was conscious that the negative emotions generated and pent up over time will one day be expressed through violent means. I didn’t want to see that happen.

Other things were also obvious. Corruption, injustice and the flagrant disregard of our sensibilities by the political class. Few years down the line, these things have only grown worse instead of being abated. I believe we all know how the current harsh realities have pinched on our skin.

Some, have gone through a lone walk in the dark, and doubted if light will ever appear. Some have despaired in more ways than one. Some have lost faith and thrown in the towel. Some are denied their legitimate rights in ways too excruciating to retell. Others are even bereaved, forced to watch a dear one slip away helplessly. Stories abound that shreds the bravest heart.

I believe that our predicaments are unnatural. They are the offspring of injustice and corruption, ethnicity and nepotism, the evils that have thorned our very beings. And I am convinced that we are not helpless about these things. Oppression has always required the cooperation of the oppressed. Oppression will start to end the moment the oppressed begin to withhold his cooperation.

This is why I believe that taking a step further from where we are will be inevitable if we must unclench the fist of our oppressors. That step will require that we leap out of our shelves and refuse to cooperate with oppression anymore. It requires that we take a courageous stance to actively oppose injustice and corruption and other social evils that threaten our well being. It will demand that we finally do away with the plague of indifference and silence.

I believe that the time has come for us to come together and engage in direct actions through creative nonviolence as a means of correcting our societal problems, and I am convinced that a citizen driven movement will better serve this aim. Such a movement will be an army of men and women whose audacity and passion for the society is only marched with bravery and tenacity, dedicated to peace and the proposition of freedom.

Consequently, we will be transforming Naijacare from a passive community of like minds, to an active movement of fierce warriors marching for a rebirth of our nation. Our mission is simple but obviously not easy. I believe that an army doggedly trained to resist the evils of corruption and injustice will return with the booties of freedom, justice and peace. We have chosen to simply call this movement CITIZEN MOVEMENT OF NIGERIA. We are hard at work to evolve workable programs that will translate our vision into reality. We’ll make no secret of them. Our methods and programs will be communicated subsequently.

Dear friends, we do not have much else to lose but the grip of fear and the shackles of injustice and corruption. We must remember that freedom is never freely given. It must be demanded by the oppressed. Let’s be allies and coworkers with God in ushering a new dawn of freedom, justice and peace to our nation.

Yours truly,

Boluwaji Davids
Citizen Movement.

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