Curing A Sick Nation


So, the National Human Right Commission reports that “there are more than 56,000 unclaimed children in the IDPs camps, who are deprived of their rights to health, education and others”

Wow! 56,000!

Let me guess what your attitude will be right now: indifference? Pity? This country sha? Nawa o? It’s well? God will sha save us? Hmm? Or mere mental assent?

Somewhere in between. But what I’m not guessing about is that you’ll get over this just as in as few seconds as it takes to read it. Life goes on!


Yea! I understand. It’s how we’ve learnt to survive. We can’t afford to let things bother us that much.

Or can we really deny this? I doubt! Think about this a bit

When was the last time you felt a genuine concern for a homeless child?

How about an unclaimed one?

Well, there are now 56,000 unclaimed children somewhere in this nation straddled together like bunch of fruits. But unlike fruits, their condition is so unnatural.

Now take those 56,000 and add them to thousands of children roaming the streets and you have an army of children who have no one to teach them about morals, values, or even God! If we add this up properly, then we’re talking about millions of children out there who are vulnerable, uncared for, unloved, and goodness – dangerous!

Yea! Dangerous!

Ever wondered where insurgents get their recruits from? What about men of the underworlds?

Yea! Your guess is right!

So, in the ultimate analysis, it’s not just about those helpless children, our own lives, the lives of those we care about, is at stake too.

If we cannot get more children off the streets, we can’t be sure of safety. Because Someone somewhere will find them, turn them to whatever he wish, and use them for whatever he wish.

Right now, this is a tiny part of our national illness that we must cure. Just a tiny part of it!

In the end, Do you feel any burden? because that’s where it must start.

If we must cure our nation, we must have burdens. That’s what will move us to action.

I understand that we now turn off the TV because we don’t want anymore bad news. Or better still, we turn to entertainment, even if it’s obscene. But right now, we need to turn it back on. Let those bad news distress us into constructive actions that will start to clean up the mess and cure our nation.

To survive, we have thrown empathy right out of the window. But right now, if we must cure our nation of her sickness, we’ve got to go straight out there and bring empathy back home. Without empathy, we’ll die in our self centeredness.

So let’s care. Maybe that’s where to start. Then let’s start been a honest people. Then let’s ask government to be honest too, and to give us good governance.

Bit by bit. We’ll start to cure our illness!

At any rate indifference is no longer sustainable. Act.


Whatever it is that you want to do, do it quick. Don’t stay idle any further. Every second gifted to idleness extends the misery of another by that second.

Don’t be the reason why another soul stay a day longer in misery!


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