Heralding An Era Of Change


Fellow Nigerians,

I believe we are more than aware of the situation of our dear country over the past few years. We have witnessed the worsening of things with any hope of revival fast fading. Corruption is still very much around. Unemployment is worsening. Insecurity remains the order of the day. And lots of other very worrisome issues that we know of.

In the midst of this is the pathetic discord sown among youths. We are the primary victims of everything negative in the society, and yet we have regrettably allowed ourselves to be divided one against another over trivial matters. We seem to be oblivious to the fact that those who stir our emotions against each other are the very people who oppress us and plunder us. We seem not to notice that they thrive through our disunity.

They set us against each other and abuse us in the end. Well, I believe we should be smart enough now to see how our future is indeed bleak should things continue as they are. Our present suffering will be incomparable with the one that await us if we don’t act to make things right. Those of us who have been out there to struggle, to try to have needs met will understand this better. Should things get worse, not many of us will retain our sanity.

That’s why at this point, I believe that we need to get interested in the question of governance and ask questions of those who lead us. We can no longer afford to be indifferent. Staying on the fence much longer can be costly. I believe it’s high time we took responsibility for our future by getting ready to take part in positive peaceful actions that can instigate change. We have to be bold enough, and crazy enough to believe that our effort can bring change. Only through positive and sensible action plans can we reverse our current misfortunes.

To my friends who believe that we only need to explore entrepreneurship to escape our current woes, I commend your thinking. But I am afraid to let you know that not much can be right until governance is right because it’s governance that set the right terms and policies required by businesses to flourish. As Nigerians, we’re obviously not lacking in credible business ideas. But our wrong environment is guaranteed to kill off the brightest business idea. That’s why we need to sort this out first of all.

To others who believe that things are too bad for us to be able to do anything, I understand your frustrations. But please do understand that no situation is impossible to change. If we are incapable of changing our reality then we are all doomed. For those who oppress us will sulk our lives out until we become ghosts walking as men. Things can only get worse if we do nothing to make things better. Fortunately, nothing can be further from the truth: with commitment, dedication and discipline, we can change things.

But first, it’s important that we are on the same page. Otherwise, we will be in total disarray. To this effect, I have committed myself to searching and learning about the best approach that can aid our progress. Over the years, I have committed some of them to books. Two of them are absolutely important at the moment. They are “This Country Nigeria” and “Reclaiming Hope”.

To start with, I am making the first one available for free, so you won’t have any excuse not to read and share with others. The link below takes you to the PDF on Google Drive.

So head over there, download and share. That’s the starting point.

Once that’s over and we have enough of us on the same page, we can begin to sketch our path for progress.

Fellow compatriots, I am persuaded that together, we can bring positive change to our fatherland.
God bless Nigeria.
Please do share and rebroadcast. That’s important for the cause.

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