Life and Choices

life and choices

The most fundamental inalienable rights of humans are those not represented in the constitutions of nations, but they are more potent. I’ll tell just one of them that most people never thought about.

The most important right is not that of freedom of speech, movement or others that you already know.


The most important right of all is the right to choose poverty or wealth. I know I’m going to come under the attack of many but that doesnt make the rule less true!


We are all products of our choices. The poor have subconsciously chosen to be poor while the rich have beaten the subconscious and have consciously chosen to be rich.

Nothing can stop a man who is completely resolved to succeed. The decision is the option that stare us in the face all day long. And whatever choice we make we cant escape the consequence.


Always remember that you have the right to choose to be poor or to be rich. Whatever you end up becoming is what you have consciously or subconsciously decided to be!

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