One day it must come. Uninvited. Unsolicited. Death must come visiting! There’ll be no resisting. No complains. No plea. No bargain. It’s simply time to go.

It doesn’t take long. The real deal doesn’t last. The heart will stop just in seconds. And forever’ll begin. It’ll be personal from now onward. Time for recompense. It’ll end in rejoicing or regret.

Back here, folks will cry – and mourn. Some very genuinely and deeply. Some’ll fake it. There’ll be questions. Many of them. Why now? Why you? Is God fair? God, why?

At last, everyone’ll come to terms with it. And accept that death really owes no one any explanation. That death has no obligation to warn beforehand. Neither can it be called to question. Ultimately, God is God. Unquestionable. Unfathomable. Still Awesome.

But until then, when death comes, we must simply live. Until sunset when the sun goes home, we must live. Until our flesh becomes a heap, and sucks in its last breathe, we must live. So that while yet we are alive, living is the ultimate goal.

So true! Living is impossible in fear. No man truly lives by being entangled in fear. Especially of dying. We couldn’t live any longer than our fears allow us, even though we may exist.

Men who have lived indeed, did so while knowing that death could come the next day. They know tomorrow may never come. So they be what and who they want to be – today. Never tomorrow. They reach for their dreams and follow their passion – today. They inspire and color their world – today. They help those they can and lift as many as they can – today. They smile and put smile on the faces of others – today.

And they be and do all of these, not out of fear that tomorrow may never come. But because they recognize that today is another opportunity to LIVE. So they live and inspire others to do the same.

Death is not to be feared after all. It is to be appreciated and prepared for.
To have lived therefore is the greatest accomplishment of all. Because living is what gives meaning to life. It adds beauty to the expression of life. Life is the priceless opportunity given to all. But to have lived is what men makes of the life they’ve got.

Therefore, to have lived is to have made of a life the greatest testimony in the similitude of what its truest potential promises. It is to refuse to accept anything less than what that life can be. It is to cheat death and be empty by the time it comes. That is to have lived.

To dare to dream and strive to live the dream. To have met obstacles and great challenges with courage and bravery. To meet triumph with humility and gratitude. To have made others live happier and better. To have given strength and hope to the weak. To have revived the dying. To have been kind to all. To have won souls. That is to have lived.

Ultimately, to have lived would be to have made a life of the highest satisfaction and pleasure to God. And to have made it of a great blessing to man. To have satisfied God’s desires and purpose. To be empty – completely. What other way is there to cheat death than to die this way?
A life not lived is a life lost!

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