Nigerian Great Speeches From Colonial Era To Modern Time

Nigerian Great Speeches


This book – NIGERIAN GREAT SPEECHES From Colonial Era to Modern Time – is an invaluable resource for every Nigerian who needs a clearer view of Nigeria’s political evolution.

Getting the views and perspectives of major actors can only help us to make better sense of the major events in Nigeria’s political history.

For instance, to make better sense of Nigeria’s first ever military coup, we need the views of the coup plotters, the officers who foiled the coup, and of course, the views of the top politician of the day.

To make better sense of the civil war, we need to balance the rhetoric of General Yakubu Gowon with those of Colonel Ojukwu.

In the same vein, how can we make better sense of the drama of June 1993 without learning what the principal actors – General Ibrahim Babangida and MKO Abiola – had to say? The same is valid for both Chief Ernest Shonekan and General Sanni Abacha, as it regard the aborted third republic.
In the end, we can sieve those perspective and draw our own informed conclusions.

Yet, there are pockets of independent events that excites curiosity. From Isaac Boro’s ‘Twelve-day Revolution’ to the conviction and execution of Ken Saro Wiwa and Gen. Abacha’s death sentence on Prof. Wole Soyinka, there is so much to explore and enjoy.
This book therefore will not only inform and educate, it will also make for an interesting learning adventure.

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