Reclaimig Hope: Time For Africa’s Rebirth

Reclaiming Hope

Africa and Nigeria in particular is on the verge of a rebirth. We’ve been through an unwanted curve and a rebirth is on the verge. The task of rebuilding beckons. We are at a frontier, and as vanguards of this new phase, duty calls and demands that we stand thoroughly equipped with knowledge as we march towards this rebirth.

Africa is about turning a corner for good. Led by an emerging generation of visionary young people who are resolute on leaving their marks on the sand of time. Africa is edging closer to fulfilling her staggering potential.

‘Reclaiming Hope’ outlines the imperatives for this emerging generation. It affirms that understanding our root and reviving our values are essential in evolving a strong identity. Rethinking faith in a new way can help to find inspiration for a new culture of civility, tolerance and mutual respect.

The necessity of quality leadership as a precursor to the transformation of Africa cannot be said enough. The human mind also, where real transformation begins, requires a thorough clean up for it to perform at its best. These, and more, are condensed into concepts that can be easily understood in the book.

‘Reclaiming Hope’ is a must read for every progressive minded person. The time to birth a new Africa is now.

Reclaiming Hope

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  1. Great work sir. Keep the good work sir.

    So impressed and am happy for the opportunity of knowing you sir.

    More grace. See you at the top sir

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