Still, I Hope

The land stench from the body of the dead.
The grass grew pale in protest to utter sacrilege.
The sun turned bloody reddy in defiance to cannibals.
Nature shakes and trembles in shock of cruelty.

Hearts rent to shreds by the aggressor’s burning spear.
Dividing mother from child, and father from son.
All hell is let loose.
Our clime buckle in a biting despair.

Rain of tears fall on open sores.
The crinkling trace of pain sends shivers through the spine.
The dark cloud of fear and doubt cast a daring stare.
The spirit is broken, the body wither after.

Yet the dusk approaches quick.
When the tales of sorrow and hurt will cease.
At the height of darkness, it can’t get darker.
Darkness will fade to let in new rays of hope.

I see the sun rising again.
With healing and refreshing following.
To dry the tears and mend the spirit.
Breaking a new dawn of HOPE!

For when it appears hopeless, that is when to hope again.
A new Nigeria Will emerge.
I’ll be there.
And I’ll lead it!

Happy Democracy Day!


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