It will become apparent as we match on in life that some of us will have a bigger mountain to climb before we can reach the promise land. Some of us are going to trek way longer and sweat more than others.

The road is not even; Neither is it straight. There will be pebbles – and sharp stones to cut our legs. And there will be thorns on our way – sometimes rife – sometimes rare. Some of us are going to suffer more. Sometimes we may even cry.

We’ll suffer loss; run dry on confidence and may even relapse to despair. Sometimes we’ll call – and scream – but there would be no one to answer.

We’ll often fill our space with sounds of agony as we mourn in pushing each leg forward – just one more time. We’ll stumble and fall – time and again – and still by whatever means push on.

For some of us, miseries accompany us – as we turn each corner and navigate new climes. Our skin dies – and pull off; tilting towards extinction. Sometimes momentarily removed from life – broken!

That is the reason why many of us will not get past the mountain. The drudgery of the road annihilates. There is no sniff of life – nor of goodness. Nothing beckon on hope – not the ills of wailing in solitude. So men die and die all when they quit.

But on the other side of the mountain; at the destination – the very home of dreams – the hope of mighty men fallen – the dwelling place of valiant and dogged sons – is the city of fulfillment inhabited by victors who have throughout their being fought a great many battles – and have lost many – but also have won many. They are they who have triumphed and made a mockery of their sufferings. On their skin are the many scars of battle – but in their eyes is the happiness that heals and mend.

Everyone has a story to tell – but there, they tell it in Joy, smiling and making sour memories of no effect.

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