The Squirrel

So the animals met in a hazy haste by the lush
Bush at the base of the mountain. The tempest storm
That wrecked their homes was kindled by a squirrel,
Their righteous angst raged and burst through their fiery eyeballs.

Not one kindred failed to whisper to the next. The stuttering
Gnashing of their teeth’s vibrated across the jungle. Both
Fear and wrath clasp their skidding heart to the bone.
When all was shaking, life itself was all that matters.

Their fainted hearts and doddering limps convoked now that the
Storm had ceased. At least, the storm had accomplished one
Good thing. The folks who couldn’t stand to see eye to eye now
Crowded together to share warmth on a familiar ground.

Once the shock abated, only the execution of the squirrel could appease the
Deranged animals. Like after like, they searched their ranks for the beleaguered
Squirrel. The squirrel had stealthfully wriggled its way to the palm tree,
Squirming skillfully around the thorny nails of the palm to reach the crest.

The animals squabbled in confusion. Their squidgy noise rose quickly
Until the squirrel flicked a palm fruit down with a sizzling hiss.
Their voices erupted in a rancorous cry. Their rage for vengeance became
Suddenly dampened by the pangs of hunger that cut through their stomach.

The reddish brown fruit on the ground awakened their pangs. Already
Famished for days, the urge to sate their hunger was incurable. The squirrel flicked
More fruits in amusement as the animals scrabbled for survival. The agenda for
Vengeance now firmly forgotten, the Squirrel became king at the cost of a fruit a day.

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