Update: On A Threefold Mission To Educate, Train & Organize

Dear friends and compatriots,

A couple of weeks ago I announced the birth of the CITIZEN MOVEMENT OF NIGERIA. Our motivation was simple. With the glaring abnormalities of our society, we were persuaded that to avoid a parlous path ahead as a people, we must expend some effort to consciously make the future that we desire. Our desire above all is to inspire a deep socio-political change and to entrench a new culture of civic responsibility as well as accountability and transparency in governance, anchored on our shared values.

We are convinced that such a profound change will distil a new lease of life to every other aspect of our corporate existence. However, for such a change to come about, we must first prepare our mind for the hard task of leading change. It is this realization that informed our first program as a movement. Our first task is to EDUCATE, TRAIN and ORGANIZE. Our big objective is to educate, train and organize ten million Nigerians for the urgent task of transforming Nigeria. Without doubt, such an army, duly educated, trained and organized will advance our quest of birthing change.

We are however mindful of the difficulty of this task. We are conscious of the immensity of our task. Nonetheless, we are fired on to take on this challenge by the unpleasant reality that stares at us. Our clime cannot continue to be the burial place of dreams and hope. Striving daily, living as though not living. Forsaken dreams of men and women litter our streets. Potentials continue to waste away daily. To reduce life to such a trivial race for survival is to rob our collective existence of essence and humanity. Now we can turn a corner by reclaiming our mind and working out the salvation of our nation.

We know from human history that the course of history can be bent by the determined will of a few battling the ignominious prejudice of the majority. And when we arrive at a time like ours where the majority is stricken by fear and despair, and thus sold to indifference and silence, we must reach down to the bravest depth of our soul to spark a fire that can rekindle faith and hope, and inspire the heart of a people to dare the path of change.

We know as well that time itself has been found to be an ally of evil when men of good will fail to take courageous, brave and intelligent actions. We are thus on a mission to form a lasting partnership with the people. Together, we will walk the walk of freedom and reconstruct the moral compass that will restore our dignity and honour as a people. Our hope is not lost. We can still win back our honour and reclaim our pride.

Not lothly then, but eagerly, not with feebleness of heart but with courage and firmness of spirit, do we now advance upon this task, driven by the passion that ignited our hearts and guided by the vision of the future that we seek. For this cause are we resolved to dare the odds and the inevitable sufferings on the way. Conscious of the price we must pay, the sacrifice we must make, the burdens we must bear, the assaults and ridicule we must endure, being fully aware of the cost, yet we engage and set about this task. For we know the urgency and justice of our cause. In all these, we are consoled by the certitude of triumph.

We therefore extend this noble invitation to all to enlist for this army marching for the transformation of our nation. This program is guaranteed not only to equip you but more so, to inspire your heart. Together, we can march arms in arms until the dawn of a new nation break on us. In the coming days, further information on the program will be made available.

Yours truly,

Boluwaji Davids,
Convener, Citizen Movement of Nigeria.

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