You’ll Learn These Five Things From ‘This Country Nigeria’

‘This Country Nigeria’ is a great book to read. Beside being so rich and highly informative, it comes in Simple Language. Unlike academic texts, the book is written in simple and easy to understand Language. No complexities!

Culture & Tranditions

If you’ve never had a good grip on the origin and cultures of the major tribes in Nigeria, well, you have a chance now. From the major empires that once existed in Nigeria to all major tribes and kingdoms, this book details the story.

Perhaps you’ve wondered how we got here too. You’ll learn about the traditions of origin of the major tribes in Nigeria and how they migrated to their present locations. Along the line, you will find some fascinating stories that will crack you ribs – like how crocodiles carried the Jukuns across the rivers during their migration or how God was living so close by in the sky until one woman accidentally hit him with pestle while pounding yam.

The Slave Trade

It’s a poor part of history, but it actually happened. Millions of Africans were exported out of Africa as slaves. There’s a lot about the slave trade that so many don’t know about. Like how Indians were the original victims, until a priest brought the idea of using African slaves. Or how the slave trade would not have ended had there been no industrial revolution.

Plus, it took several big fights for years for slavery to end. And when it did end, it left a huge scar that hasn’t healed off completely. Ouch! You’ll find so many answers to so many questions in the book.

Colonialism in Nigeria

Like several people, have you ever wondered what brought Lord Lugard to Nigeria in the first place? Well, Lugad wasn’t even the beginning of colonialism in Nigeria. It started long before he came. He was only the final piece of the puzzle that got the ball rolling, after the thing called the ‘Scrabble For Africa’ was done some 14 years earlier.

And 14 years after it started in 1900, Lugard would complete the process of making Nigeria by amalgamating the North with the South. Technically, that was how the corporate journey of Nigeria started. But colonialism didn’t end with that. It’ll go on to shape the fate of Nigeria for another 46 years before handing over to it’s twin sister: neocolonialism.

Beginning of Nigerian Nationalism

The trio of Sir Abubakar Balewa, Obafemi Awolowo and Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe are names that still ring bell. However, do you know that nationalism in Nigeria started before them? Yes, it did!

OK, this was how it went. The first set of Nigerians who got rescued from the slave trade by the British Navy were taken to Sierra Leone. After some time, some of them started coming back to Nigeria. Do you remember Bishop Samuel Ajayi Crowther, the first African Anglican Bishop? He was among the early set of returnees to Nigeria.

As more of them came back home, they started nursing the idea of freedom. Decades later, they too had children who started asking for freedom. Chief among them was Dr Herbert Macaulay, the grand son of Bishop Samuel Ajayi Crowther. Pause!

You’ll find the rest of the story in the book.

Contemporary Nigeria

Think you have a real grip on contemporary topics in Nigeria? Wait until you read the book! There are several questions hanging around topics such as population control,  state creation, federalism, corruption, economy, and our brand of democracy.

OK, let’s admit! You won’t find ALL the answers you seek. But you are sure to find a handful in the book. You’re also liable to getting inspired!


Here is a little jara for you. Do you know that 1800-1900 was almost a century of war in Nigeria?

Go Get Your Own Copy

You now have a peep into the book. Go get your own copy and enjoy the whole package.

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